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Our deck surface restoration procedure provides our customers with the most bang for their buck per square foot compared to any other treatment. For a fraction of the cost of replacement we can sand and restore most wood decks to their original condition, and the provide easy and cheap maintenance to keep your deck looking great year after year.

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We always deal with every screw or nail in the deck to make sure we are not sanding over screw heads or otherwise impeding the sanding and quality of the work. We tighten boards on all jobs maintenance and restoration. This is a key step in a quality restoration. 

Our sanding is hardwood floor quality, including stage  rotary sanding and buff. We also acid wash and pressure wash the deck and surrounding area after sanding so everything is crystal clean prior to staining. 

Our finishes add the most beauty to your wood and give it the greatest protection while also providing the easiest maintenance of any other system.

We have developed techniques for the trickiest projects including partical top sheet replacement, substructural work, levelling, painted decks, additions, and other common issues. There is little that we haven't seen.

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After sanding
after sanding

After staining

Before, during and after:

Before sanding, fixing screws

During sanding
After staining
after staining