Railing design and materials can make or break the success of a deck. A great railing is low or no maintenance, designed to let the proper amount of light through, sturdy, and great value with custom features.

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Railing replacement can actually be better economically over the long term if it is done with maintenance free materials. We can also save you money up front with our range of inexpensive, prefabbed metal panels and cable. In many cases we can use the existing posts as well which saves more money while retaining some of the original character of the structure.

Railing types we specialize in:
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Re-staining a wooden railing is probably the most inefficient deck practices. We have to charge a relatively high price to be able to properly stain a a railing, and since most railings contain horizontal surfaces, they often need to be restained more than every 4 years. That being said we do offer rail staining or painting, and use the best materials and practices available.

Key features of our rail staining: