Key Features: 

Our maintenance is designed to acheive maximum performance for the greatest amount of time. We focus on duration between sanding (8-10 years), which means not over applying or applying stain when the deck doesn't really need it. We offer reminders and inspections to make the process as painless as possible. 

The process includes a gentle pressure wash, scrub with oxalic acid, refinish. We do not remove any finish during this process, since doing so will create an uneven surface with which to re-stain. we have found that a one year maintenance after sanding is best, followed by 18-24 month staining. 

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After each maintenance you can expect your wood to be a bit darker and slightly less transparent. We have found that most decks can go about 8-10 years between fully sanding the deck. All of our efforts are geared toward extending the time period between sanding you can get the most out of your restoration. This is where are experience puts us above other companies.

We recommend maintenance in Salt Lake and Park City every 18-24 months for deck surfaces, and every 3-4 years for vertical surfaces.

Our maintenance procedure will leave your deck just as protected as a restoration and costs up to 75% less. The best way to save money on maintenance is to sand the deck fully the first time in order to remove all of the existing product and then start on our program.


Pressure wash with Oxalic acid, scrub brush, re-coat with penetrating oil stain to match existing topcoat. *Lowest price*

Very minimal labor and we can give the best price out there on this service guaranteed. Must be done before oxidization has begun and care must be taken to avoid over-application in non weathered areas. 18 months is an ideal time frame for this in south/west facing decks and up to three years on covered decks.