House staining

Siding, fascia, soffits etc. 

House staining is a growing area of our business. Many of our clients hire us to do their siding and other wood surfaces after seeing our great work on decks and railings. Using our advanced knowledge of stain preperation and application, we can make your house siding, trim, fascia and soffits beautiful as well. We have specific restoration techniques for logs, rough timbers, rough cedar, and glue lams. We can strip grey out of weathered soffit boards, and rafter tails.

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Key features of our house staining services:

Advanced restoration techniques for weathered wood
Specializing in translucent staining

We also have a fleet of sanders we can use to restore smooth surfaces like glue lam beams which are common in Park City. Many painters have great knowledge of painting, and semitransparent staining but the translucent stains and finishes require special skill and knowledge in order to apply and maintain.

Challenging translucent stain situations are where we shine and you will see a difference between us and other companies, in both our initial and long term approach to your wood.

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