There are three types of businesses that you will find that offer similar services as ours. When getting other bids for the job, find out what type of business you are working with. Use our points of difference to determine if you are getting all the things you want in your bid. There are some passionate individuals in all segments, and we approach all of our direct competitor's with respect. 

Check out this blog post reviewing various youtube videos on "restoration." A lot of the commentary there describes how we differentiate between most deck companies.

Here are the business types and the points of difference:

Painting contractors This is a business that does all types of painting such as outsides of houses, interiors, etc. These are the ways that we differ from most painting companies.

A deck restoration business. This is an outfit that specializes in restoring and maintaining decks. 

A deck buidling business. This is a company that specializes in new construction
In all cases, we will compete on cost and due to efficiency and low overhead, we can usually beat anyone's price for similar services and more.

Finally we would like to offer a word of caution. Always make sure you are dealing with a licensed, experienced contractor. Having been in the business for 13 years we have seen many businesses come and go. This results in a lot of shoddy work in terms of stain types, preparation techniques, and sub par building practices. We have been called in on many of these jobs to repair the damage that has been done. 

Decks do require specialized knowledge in order to have a successful long term structure. Not only do we get the job done well initially, we will be here for years to come to help you protect your investment. Finally, while our initial service may be more costly than the one man show, flash in the pan, fly by night "companies" that crop up every season, our maintenance will be lower in cost and result in a much higher grade finish.

What distinguishes us from the competition